The Artios Home Companion Series is  an historically integrated curriculum that includes history, literature, grammar, composition, and Biblical Worldview.  It works hand in hand with our time period related skill instruction in theater, music, and art at each local campus.  

In other words, The Artios Home Companion Series  and your local Artios campus   offer a complete  program to assist you in homeschooling…all in one place, under one roof.   

Each level of textbook focuses on one of four historical ages offered (Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance, Early Modern, and Modern) and is designed so that families with children at different age levels can move through the curriculum together and even interact from an age-appropriate point of view.

The Artios Home Companion Series is uniquely supported by a robust online platform with a complementary archive of historical photos, video footage, links, teaching aids, and resources to supplement the printed curriculum. We’ve done the work of aggregating the material so that you are free to enjoy more teachable moments with your children.