HCS Practical Reminders and Applications

Dear Artios Prep Families,

As we near the holidays and the completion of the first semester of our Prep year, I wanted to take the opportunity to share a podcast with you that I believe will be very helpful in getting the most from your involvement with Artios Prep.

As you know, this is our first year of using the new Artios Home Companion Series.  We have learned much this first semester about the strengths of the curriculum and also about areas that need strengthening.  We are making decisive steps to continue to provide the excellent content in a more excellent format beginning as early as this next semester.

Many of you have expressed to me your excitement and your thankfulness for our willingness to begin the Home Companion Series.  It has certainly been a walk of faith, but one we are certain that God has called us to walk.  Many of you have also contacted me with questions or feedback on this first semester’s text.  We are listening and gaining so much from what you have to share with us.

After listening carefully to your feedback and combining that with our knowledge of where we have been, where we are, and where we are headed within the Home Companion Series, I have put together a very informative podcast containing the following information that I believe will be very helpful to parents as you continue to walk with us through the Medieval and Renaissance Home Companion text.

In the podcast I cover the following:

  • History behind the development of the Artios Home Companion Series
  • Artios Core Values
  • Artios Core Values implemented in the Home Companion Series
  • Website Overview and Use integrated with the printed text
  • How to approach the printed text
  • Philosophy and methodology behind our approach to history, grammar, literature and writing.
  • A typical week using the Home Companion Series
  • Frequently asked questions such as:
  • Why Narration
  • Why history articles by different writers
  • Why no grammar in high school
  • Why we choose classic literature and several more
  • What Artios Home Companion Series is NOT
  • What Artios Home Companion Series IS
  • Concerns being addressed and strengthened

I am asking that each Artios Prep parent take the time to listen to the podcast so that you can gain the most from the curriculum and your involvement with the Preparatory program.  The information contained in the podcast will clarify and answer many of your questions.

You can access it by visiting:  Artios Home Companion Series Practical Reminders and Applications

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Faith and Courage,

Lori Lane




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