Medieval – Renaissance

This fascinating time period of knights, castles, kings and queens contains many wonderful examples of God’s sovereignty over the affairs of men. As the birth of liberty begins with the signing of the Magna Charta, the Fine Arts of music, visual art and drama, follow suit in their freedom of creative expression.

Subject 1: Reason


History is the spine of the Artios Home Companion Series. It is the subject that everything else centers around. The Medieval – Renaissance time period is a great historical time period to study. All curriculum is broken into units, and units are broken into lessons. Each lesson contains reading.

Subject 2: Relate


Like other subjects, all literature is integrated with the History units. The literature either comes from the Medieval – Renaissance time period or it is about the time period. This allows students to not only read quality literature, but read quality literature in a way that brings the history to life.

Subject 3: Discern

Grammar &

Our Grammar and Composition comes from the great curriculum, Analytical Grammar. While the overviews of Analytical Grammar are the same that if familiar, the exercises are new. They are also integrated with the curriculum and come from the historical reading.

Subject 4: Express


Woven throughout all subjects integrated within the Artios Home Companion Series, is a Biblical Worldview. There are “Leading Ideas” in each unit that allows teachers and parents to use as jumping off points to teach Biblical Principles. Within the Literature. there are opportunities for teaching the basics of the Christian Faith.