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Literature Resources: High School


Poetry Explication Help Center:

Here you will find articles that will help you understand what a poetry explication is, and how to go about writing one of your own.

Poets that we will study:

John Keats

Edgar Allan Poe

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Modern Plays

A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

NOTE: Parents/Teachers – this handbook is useful in learning how to write for the stage. It has many activities/exercises and is a quality packet. It is from the educational department of

Henrik Ibsen biography

  • Character Worksheet – To help you get to know your characters. You must fill out a worksheet for each main character in your play.
  • Play Format Example -Here is an example of how to construct a stage play.
  • Play Format Example 2 – This shows you an alternate way to format your play. You may use either format to construct your play but you  may not mix the two formats.
Animal Farm

Animal Farm

Glencoe Study Guide for Animal Farm – this resource will tell you about Orwell’s life, and give some background to the novel.


The World Wars
Out of the Silent Planet

Out of the Silent Planet

  • C.S. Lewis Foundation – A place to study the life of C.S. Lewis
  • Study Guide by Andrew Clausen – This is not a free study guide, but if you or your family are interested in diving deeper into Lewis’ work, this study guide is recommended by several websites.